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What is and what does it do? is a site that makes buying textbooks easier and far less expensive. We compare prices for the books you need across trusted online merchants. We work hard to make saving money on textbooks easy and free.

How do I use

There are many ways to save on, so it really depends on what you're here for. Luckily, the site is easy to navigate. Just go to the homepage, and whether you're looking for your school, looking for a book, or looking to sell a book, click on the appropriate tab on the search bar and start saving. It's as easy as that.

What if my school or course information is not available on

When searching for your school, a drop down box will appear with possible matches. If your school is not yet supported, don't panic! You can still save with by searching for your book's title, author, or ISBN. To request school support, drop us a line at

With over 1,500 schools supported, provides information for a huge number of courses. In the rare case your course information is unavailable, please consult your class syllabus and search for books manually. To request course support, drop us a line at

We apologize in advance for any lack of information and are consistently working to prevent such errors.

Safe buying practices does not sell books - we compare book prices at over 20 trusted affiliate sites. When you decide to buy a book through, you are sent directly to the affiliate site where you complete your purchase. This way, never sees or has access to any of your personal information.

Because our information is provided by our affiliates, it is important to be sure you know what you are purchasing. In order to ensure you are getting the correct book, you should check the used book's details and comments sections before purchasing.

Be sure to check the return policy of the affiliate site before making your purchase as different vendors have different policies regarding returns. In the case you are dissatisfied with your purchase, cannot help you with your returns.

What assurances are there that vendors will deliver the books I order?

Should you have a problem with any vendor, please report it immediately. will take an active role in understanding the issue, remedying it, and taking the appropriate action against the vendor.

Can I sell my books back on

Absolutely. At the end of each semester, if you feel you no longer want or need your books, don't waste your time and money waiting in lines at your school's bookstore. finds the highest prices for your books, helping you save even more. Old books taking up space in your bookshelf? Make room for new ones by selling through It's a win-win situation.

What if my class requires a custom edition or a rare textbook?

Unfortunately, your book will likely not be found on our vendors' sites. In this case, we recommend you purchase this book through a social network, online marketplace, or local used bookstore.

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