College Partnerships

The community of schools supported by is 1,500 large and still growing. While we would love to visit every single campus that can use, that'd be pretty tough with such a vast network. Still, we are eager to work with organizations on all of these campuses in order to spread the word about the better way to buy textbooks. makes it easy for you to get involved and fun to save others money, while making your own. In addition to sharing with others through Facebook, instant messages, and mailing lists, will provide you with flyers, bookmarks, stickers, and posters. The more people you tell, the more people save money, and the more your organization earns!

We only partner with one organization per school, so there are no complicated referral codes or conditions. Anyone who buys a book at your school, whether on-campus or off-, before classes start or after, will earn you a commission.

Your commission will be between 1.5% and 2.5% of the cost of the book, excluding tax and shipping. So if one biochem student buys $500 worth of textbooks, your club or charity earns about $10. Get a hundred science students to use, and you could make $1000 or more! And when people start telling their friends, the sales keep going up.

Interested in bringing to your school?

We are willing to partner with campus organizations with a dedicated membership who are excited about earning money by helping students save on textbooks. If your group fits that description, drop us a line.

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